Which autumn TV Are You ecstatic About?

What autumn TV is everybody ecstatic about? What shows do you believe are smart, or make great TV for wise women? Which old good friends are you delighted to see return, as well as which new shows are you psyched about? (Any other shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime worth binge watching?) 
For my $.02 — we’ve lastly gotten around to binge enjoying season 2 of Orange is the new Black, however beyond that it’s felt a bit peaceful on the TV front. So far I have my TiVo set for
Galavant — My sibling persuaded me to add this to the listing after showing me this trailer.
Shark storage tank — as I pointed out on CorporetteMoms, I only got into this show during my pregnancy leave, however I’m absolutely consumed with it… I feel like there are a great deal of excellent service lessons to learn, in addition to lessons about excellent presentations in addition to negotiations.
Selfie — I don’t even genuinely comprehend the premise, however John Cho as well as Karen Gillan? indication me up.
How to get Away With Murder — looks ridiculous, however hey, often absurd is good
Forever — I only added it after seeing around 10 billion commercials for it during the Shark storage tank marathon. (My almost-4-month-old is obviously teething as well as having sleep regression problems already, so I’ve been enjoying a Camiseta OGC Nice ton of TV while trying to nurse him as well as rock him to sleep.)

We’re still enjoying Masters of Sex, however I’ve been underwhelmed by the second season. I realllly want Camiseta AS Monaco to see Outlander… however not sufficient to indication up for Starz. I have no Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Costa Rica concept when The Americans comes back on, however I’m absolutely consumed with the show. (And, annoyingly, everybody I understand has had a Keri Russell sighting in my community except me — grumble!)
In terms of old favorites, I assumption I’m ecstatic for contemporary Family, Hannibal (how are they going to get out of that season finale?), The Mindy job (ooh, I always fail to remember about this show however like it), Castle, as well as game of Thrones (although, like The Americans, I have no concept when that’s coming back on). (Ditto for mad Men, although for some reason I am preparing myself to be dissatisfied in the final season.)  For binge watching, I extremely suggest Veep, home of Cards, Orange is the new Black, as well as Silicon Valley.
Ladies, let’s hear from you — what are you looking ahead to? any type of new shows I must absolutely add to my TiVo desire list? any type of old favorites I’m not watching? (Another Q: exactly how much TV do you watch? Do you take advantage of the capability to enjoy anywhere as well as enjoy at the gym, the office on your lunch hour, or other locations that are not your couch?)

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